GRC Automation Platform

Our GRC automation platform organizes and simplifies the many processes, steps, tasks and details required to manage and maintain a best practices GRC program:




We created these powerful system of sanity-saving tools to give those responsible for mitigating risk, assuring compliance, and implementing governance programs additional strategic leverage over the processes and details they must manage.

With AppliedGRC, everything you need to keep things organized, accessible, communicated, evaluated, measured, implemented and optimized is readily available when you need it, where you need it. 

Is AppliedGRC the right tool for you?

If any of the below difficult circumstances apply to you, we can help:

  • Business decisions are sometimes made without a clear and thorough understanding of security risk
  • Security issues which could have been prevented have negatively impacted your operations 
  • Decisions tend to be made reactively, rather than proactively when it comes to vulnerability management, user access review, firewall rule review and other essential areas
  • The same security issues seem to come up over and over again as a result of non-existent, insufficient or broken processes
  • Important vested partners and key decision makers struggle to understand the value of GRC and potential implications of not holding it in high priority

Contact us to explore in more depth how we can help you finally get control of the direction and effectiveness of your GRC programs.